Don't know what I feel . don't know what to say

01:20 a.m @ 16th Sept 2011

"Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji`un..." ..was the only word that came out from my mouth when I woke up from my sleep after my sister wake me up this morning. I just can't believe that my grandpa has passed's just..I'm still not ready to bear it. Ya Allah, please give me strength to face it. He passed away soon after my uncle finished read Yaasin.

I'm sorry for my cousin because today is his akad's day..and I think, he must be really sad on his big day. Last night I saw him with tears in his eyes, and his brother like 'I can't believe this..' ..we all feel the same.

Last thing I do at the funeral is..I kiss my grandpa's forehead. After that I burst into tears... So, tonight, there's tahlil at my grandpa's house. We'll pray to Allah, may He bless him.

My Grandpa wish is to die in the day of barakah, that is Friday, yaumul jumu`ah and it's came true.. Bless you grandpa..may you're soul with the good..may you're success in here after..amin..

-Rest In Peace-


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