The Socks Spoiled The Dress

As you can see the title 'above'.. I'll put the photo of the socks at the end of this entry.. okay..
Today is my teacher/ustazah's wedding day. So, I went to the ceremony before zuhur..and I wear 'Baju Kurung Riau', as you can see the picture of the dress here the picture of unmarried siblings..

So, I wear the dress and a pair of socks that's belong to my sister .. when I'm at the ceremony, my friend noticed it..and she said to my other friends, "Eh, cube tengok stokin admin, comel la.."

I was like *hiding my socks dalam kain* lol .. it's funny when I remember it.. I thought it is a bad idea to wear something like that..'couse sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out but that's my style doe..

So, here the picture..I will call it.. The Goth Punk Socks..!

just being myself

so, what do you think about the socks..?


  1. thats not weird. most of my socks are like that. HAHA. its cheap thats why. haaaaa

  2. yeah..but when you wear it with baju kurung yg tone colour xbrape nk masuk,,jdi agak pelik la.. haha .. tpi, bile pakai kasut, ok je rsenye..


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